10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers 2022 {Help For Dusting} – Reviews & Buying Guide

A dog car seat cover is a specifically designed seat cover that provides an excellent use for the people who own a pet. Dogs are precious to the owners and they love to travel with them.

From going to a local park to picnic, people usually take their pets because they consider pets as their family members. It doesn’t matter that you have a dog or a cat, the consequences of having an issue with pet hair are a common issue.

Most breeds of dogs shed hairs and this hair fall might seem like a daunting task to clean. You can try vacuum, cleaning with a brush, or make your pet wear clothes to avoid hair fall. But, you can’t eradicate this issue in such a manner.

Whereas using a dog car seat cover can come in handy. These covers are designed by professionals and the manufacturer focus on using the right fabric, color scheme, easy to clean and install fabric, and many other aspects.

No doubt that designing a perfect dog car seat cover is impossible and no manufacturer claim to be the best one if you consider the ‘best’ term for the top-notch results. However, there are some brands which make dog car seat covers with the highest accuracy and offers close to perfection product to deal with pet hairs.

After searching about some of the top options, testing out a few ourselves, and talking to the professionals, we found several products which might bring you relief from cleaning car seats. We selected a total of ten best dog car seat covers after checking all the essential features, testing the claims of the manufacturer, and reviews from the previous buyers.

Best Buy Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

In this journey, we tested more than thirty products with my golden retriever pet. Throughout the testing, we also looked at the reaction of the pet to ensure that whether he feels comfortable on the same or not. After complete testing, the list of the top 10 best dog car seat covers is as follow –

1. Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover

Active Pets Dog Car seat cover

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A brand that offers genuine claims regarding the feature and usage is usually the easy one to trust. Considering the same, going with the Active Pets brand will be an easy choice.


During our testing, we loved the comfort layer claim from the manufacturer. The material is soft and gives a premium in-hand feel. Even though you are buying this cover for your pet, you can also sleep on the same and there will be no issue regarding the soft finish.

Secondly, this car seat cover is made from waterproof cotton and it is a genuine material with excellent longevity. To test the waterproof claim, we spilled some water on the cover and waited for thirty minutes. The results were fascinating. Not a single drop passed through the cover.

Moving to the next key factor, you can find that security is always an important aspect to take into consideration. Your dog will feel comfortable while sitting but what will happen when you press the brakes. Don’t worry, we also tested this feature. The cover locks into place by a strap behind the headrest area. These straps keep the cover in place.

Pros –

  • Premium comfort level.
  • Easy to clean design.
  • Soft fabric offers versatile usability.
  • Installation is easier.
  • Waterproof design.

Cons –

  • None

2. OKMEE Convertible Dog Hammock Scratchproof Car Seat Cover

OKMEE Convertible Dog Hammock Scratchproof Car Seat Cover

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A product with an affordable price point and numerous quirky features would be an excellent choice for most buyers. Considering the same, you can find the OKMEE Dog car cover as an eye-catchy choice for your pet.

There are two things that we will highlight the most over other common features. Polyester is a scratch-proof material and it is also one of the easy to clean materials. Besides these properties, you can find comfort from such material is usually a least expected feature. However, you can’t avoid the fact that dogs have no problem sitting on polyester.

You can find that cleaning should be an easy and one-person job. And you will love to hear that This Dog Car seat cover has an easy to clean fabric. You can use a normal brush or vacuum to get rid of hairs. Secondly, hairs stuck to the surface of this cover will stay in place until you clean them.

The material is scratch and waterproof, which provides you with long term durability. You can use this cover for a long period in almost every car’s back seat.

Pros –

  • Has an easy to use design.
  • Cleaning takes less than a minute
  • Perfect for dogs and cats.
  • Water and scratch-proof material.
  • Made from Durable Material.
  • Affordable for the features.

Cons –

  • Comfort might seem slightly poor for a few specific dog breeds.

3. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

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Active Pets is back on the list with their affordable car seat cover which is specifically made for small cars. This car seat cover has a slightly different type of cotton but the material is still premium even in the affordable category.

The first thing you might be thinking about the cover is size because there must be something wrong due to the lower price. But, you won’t have to worry about it. This car seat cover fits in almost every hatchback, SUV and other family car.

Using this car seat cover is simple and takes less than a few minutes. You can install this cover directly on the backseat and your dog will be having no issue regarding usability. Comfort level is excellent with this cover and cleaning takes a couple of minutes.

You can install the cover directly by strapping around the back seat and front seat covers. The overall process doesn’t take much time and you are not going to have any problem regarding the use. If you are using this car seat cover for many pets, then this will also work great.

Pros –

  • Offers excellent versatility.
  • Can be used for one or more pets.
  • Scratch-proof material.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Made of oxford cotton
  • Affordable for all the offered features.

Cons –

  • Durability might be concerning.

4. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

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It doesn’t matter that if you have a husky or a golden retriever, you can find that these dogs are bad at shedding hairs. These dog breeds might be the popular ones, the issue of hair shedding is common and if you want an easy as well as an extremely affordable solution, BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover might be a product of choice for you.

Why? Well, there are three key things that you will love to appreciate about this product. The first thing is the standard size price. This product comes for less than half the price of our top pick and features the same design. You can use the strap to install the cover perfectly.

While using this cover, you will find that it is has a waterproof design and it also offers a scratch-proof feature. We tested the claim and we are almost satisfied even though the scratches did affect the cover a little. Considering the price and other features, you can’t complain about these things.

You might be wondering that what about the comfort level? While our testing, our golden retriever find the surface comfortable and had no issue sleeping on it.

Pros –

  • Comfortable for dogs and cats.
  • Scratch-proof material.
  • Install with ease.
  • Extremely affordable option.
  • Made of colourfast material.

Cons –

  • No cover at the sides of the seats.

5. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

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A product that comes in two different sizes to meet the desire of every buyer and provides an excellent number of features in one place is Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat. No doubt that this cover is not affordable, nor the expensive one, however, if you consider the features, it is a well-made choice.

This back seat car cover is designed by professionals to offer the best use. There is a mesh between both seat’s gap areas so that your pet can look at the front side. The material is premium and it ensures that it will not tear even from the sharp nails of your pet.

Secondly, you will love the waterproof claim. Dogs are bad at drooling and they can make your car stink and drool marks are also bad. But, this cover is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about drooling. Washing the car seat cover is also easy.

You can use this car cover for almost every pet like dogs, cats, and other pets. The seat cover is providing effective protection from all sides so that you don’t have any after-work. Overall opinion regarding this product is overwhelming considering the mid-range price point.

Pros –

  • The mesh design looks excellent.
  • Cleaning takes a few minutes.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • 100% waterproof and side flap design.
  • Reasonable pricing for the features.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews regarding the mesh durability.

6. Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers

Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers

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An extra premium looking design from Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers might be an easy choice for almost every buyer. The appearance of this car seat cover is too good and if you consider the finishing, you will like this product.

If you have a black car and you don’t want to go with any other random color for the car seat cover, then you should choose this product. The claims are almost similar to other products but the key thing which differentiates this product from the other one is its build quality for the affordable pricing.

While using this car seat cover, you can choose between two different sizes. Both models of this product have positive reviews regarding the durability, the design is excellent, installation is quick and you also get side seat protection at the same time.

Pros –

  • Well-made design.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • Nonslip backing and seat cover
  • Durable option.

Cons –

  • No cons reported.

7. Mancro Dog Seat Covers for Cars

Mancro Dog Car Seat Covers

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If you are looking for a well-made car seat cover and don’t want to pay too much, then choosing  Mancro Dog Seat Covers for Cars might be easy for you. This car seat cover is made by professionals and it offers two excellent features in one place.

The first thing is anti-slip design. The bottom side of this seat cover has a non-slippery design which provides effective protection while using this cover. You can install this cover and any kind of movement from your pet won’t make the coverslip.

If you consider the other product, the slippery bottom is a discomforting issue for most dogs. The seat cover is durable and protective for your pets. Even, this cover also protects your car’s back door’s interior through a cover so your pet can’t scratch them accidentally.

The overall opinion regarding this car seat cover is positive and it would be easy to suggest this product for the lower price point. The installation seems simple and there are simple hooks that you have to install to get this cover in the backseat area.

Pros –

  • Install with ease using hooks.
  • Protect your car’s backseats and doors.
  • Anti-scratch material and waterproof also.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Comfortable for pets.

Cons –

  • Durability is concerning.

8. CLEEBOURG Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

CLEEBOURG Dog Seat Cover

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CLEEBOURG is a popular name in the car accessories category and this brand is diverse. They have a range of products in a different category and each one is usually nailed by this brand for genuine pricing reasons.

Similarly, CLEEBOURG Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat is nailing this list with its quirky features and lower price point. The first thing that you will find about this car seat cover is its length. This cover sits almost every car and if you want a large size, there are specific options also available.

Coming to the comfort factor, the material used in manufacturing is polyester and it is excellent to clean material. You are not going to have any issues while using this car seat cover. The hammock style design is ensuring that you don’t have any issues while using this car seat cover.

The installation and cleaning process are two important factors regarding the car seat cover. Both things are positive because you can install the cover within seconds and the cleaning process is also simple. This car seat cover is excellent for dogs, cats and other pets also.

Pros –

  • The design is simple and perfect.
  • Installation is easy and doesn’t require any tool.
  • The design is a hammock design.
  • Made of polyester.
  • Waterproof and scratchproof.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews regarding the fitting.

9. Bellabailey Dog Car Seat Cover

BellaBailey Dog Car Seat Cover

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A car seat cover that seems like a large kit and provides the perfect solution to most buyers is Bellabailey Dog Car Seat Cover. Most buyers find this car seat cover excellent for large-sized SUVs, hatchbacks and other car models. The installation is simple and you are also getting a few hooks to install the cover.

The second thing is visual mesh, which allows your pet to have a clear view of the owner. This mesh window is perfect to keep your pet calm and comfortable. If you are willing to use this cover for large SUVs, there is no issue. This cover will fit almost every single size for sure.

The surface of this cover is non-slippery so that your pet doesn’t have any problem while sitting on the cover. The waterproof and scratchproof design ensures that you don’t have any issues lately if your pet drools or scratches the surface.

Pros – 

  • Protect from drool stains.
  • Hooks make easy to install
  • Protect windows and seats from scratches.
  • Easy to pack and store bag.
  • Premium material.

Cons –

  • After a couple of washes, the quality seems poor.

10. NAT-HOM Dog Car Seat Cover

NAT-HOM Dog Car Seat Cover

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A car seat cover that comes with a mesh and has a perfect design to ensure that your pet never faces any issue during the use is NAT-HOM Dog Seat Cover. This car seat cover is also an easy to install option, however, the build quality seems far superior to many other options.

The primary thing that you will notice regarding this car seat cover is the surface and texture. The comfortable surface makes your dog sleep comfortable. Even, you can use the same cover for your cat. The protection to doors’ interior is phenomenal and ensure the best use for sure.

In case you are willing to buy a product, which provides the best protection and comes for the mid-range price point, then choosing this seat cover won’t be a big deal.

Pros –

  • Genuine build quality.
  • Simple design
  • Comes for a mid-range price point.
  • Install with hooks.
  • Clean easily.
  • Visual mesh to keep an eye on your pet.

Cons –

  • No major cons reported.

How to Choose The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Because there are a phenomenal number of options available in the market, choosing a dog car seat cover might be a hard thing. You can’t land on a product based on the reviews only. So, we did our search and curated the list based on below given aspects. You can also consider these important parameters during the purchase time and focus on the ones which are more required for your need. Let’s have a look

1. Brand

The journey begins with the consideration of a brand. You can find plenty of brands available in the market and choosing the best might be tough. You should make a list of the brand that is well known and offers excellent quality. Choosing any reputed dog car seat cover will be an adequate choice for most buyers and buying the product from such a brand ensure longer durability.

2. Design

There are several types of designs available in the market, and going with a simple design is always better. In most cases, you can find a hammock as the popular choice. You install the hooks, and you are good to go. This design is widely popular, and choosing such types will ensure that you get the best in class usability over the other ones.

3. Installation Method

Most type of hammock dog car seat covers offer a simple method of installation and it is through hooks and straps. Using a strap to install the cover is simple and require less effort. You can install the most type of dog car seat covers easily but choosing the right type is an important factor. In the huge variety, look for that option that requires less than a minute to install and uninstall.

4. Easy to Clean

The main role of a dog car seat cover is to protect the hairs and cleanliness in the car. Always look for products, which are offering easy to clean design and the cover must be easy to wash. There are two common materials available in the market, cotton and polyester. No doubt that cotton is best in comfort, but when it comes to cleaning, it might seem less adequate. If you consider polyester, there are a certain number of advantages that you can avail yourself of for sure.

5. Size

There are two common sizes available for the dog car seat covers. You can consider the backseat space in your car and figure out the best one by measuring the dimensions. It is always easy to find the right size based on what car you owe. In case, you don’t want to mess buying the wrong size, always ensure that the product comes with a replacement or return policy. If the product doesn’t fit, at least you can return the product and get your money back.

6. Water Proof

Drools from the dog’s mouth can cause stains on the car’s seat covers. If the cover isn’t waterproof, then it will allow drools to get inside the seat and your car might smell bad also. The best alternative to this common issue is to choose dog car seat covers that are waterproof and provide ease during the wash. Polyester is the best material of this kind and offers easy to clean features at the same time.

7. Scratch-Proof Design

These days, dog car covers have a scratchproof design so that dog can’t scratch the fancy seats of your car. No doubt that replacing the car seat cover is expensive and choosing a scratchproof design can provide the best usability over the other options. So, you should always look forward to scratchproof designs and choose the one with positive reviews regarding the same.

8. Visual Mesh or Not

Dog car seat covers with a mesh is a new thing, but it is getting into trend and there are two reasons. Pet owners can look at the back seat of their car and have an eye on their pet. The second reason is, dogs can see you and they feel calm. The mesh in any dog car seat cover might be a drawback for durability, but some manufacturer offers excellently made mesh in these covers so that you can expect better longevity.

9. Cost

The cost of a dog car seat cover is an essential aspect. Most people don’t know that how much a dog car seat cover costs. To give you an estimate, these covers are available from $15 price point to $100 and more. Deciding the budget should be your priority and you must consider two factors before finalizing the cost. How much you love your pet and the second question is regarding the cost of your car seats. If you value both, then choosing a premium dog car seat cover would be a perfect choice.

10. Warranty

Not all, but some manufacturers offer dog car seat covers with a short period warranty. Buying products on warranty always ensure that you can get the product replaced in case of having any issue. So, it would be a better choice to ensure that the manufacturer is at least offering three months of warranty.

11. Reviews

The last factor that you must take into consideration is review. By checking reviews regarding the product, you can know about the flaws. By this method, you can eradicate the chances of facing issues and grab the best in class dog car seat cover with ease.

Once you compare all the aspects, you can shortlist a few products. After that, you can prioritize the essentials and finalize the best one with ease.

Final Words

Dog car seat cover is an essential product and missing out on a quality product would be a bad choice. Looking for the best option based on the manufacturer’s claim is always tough because every manufacturer claim to be the best one. So, looking at the needs, and considering the right variety based on your preferences will make you buy the best product. We hope that you get to choose the right dog car seat cover by reading our guidepost.