10 Best Dog Crates 2022 {For Small & Large Dogs}

Are you facing trouble with grooming, training, and teaching discipline to your Dog? Then all you might need is a dog crate to make sure your dog follows you and be disciplined indoors. We are here to help you out with some of the best crates for small and large dogs of all breeds.

Crate training is an important part of bringing a dog of any age in your life and home, getting them accustomed to being in a crate is beneficial for both the dog and the owner. Adult dogs, puppies, and senior’s dogs can benefit themselves by getting crate trained. This training gives your dog a sense of security and safety- it will be a comfortable, cozy spot of their own and for the owners, it will provide assurance and greater peace of mind. Many breeders, veterinarians, and trainers suggest crate training dogs from an early age. Mostly crates are mistaken as cages but this isn’t the truth. Dogs are den animals ergo they assume their crates to be a safe and comfy space. Keeping that in mind several types of crates are created made up of wires, wood, plastic, and fabric. The crates are available in different sizes and shapes.

While choosing the best crate for your dog few things must be kept in mind like the size of the crate. Proper measurement is required before choosing the right size crate. Secondly, the material of the crate, the material should not be fragile and too tough on a dog’s skin. The right choice of material is required. You can consult veterinarians or the trainer for the same.  The third and most important is the comfort of the dog. The crate should have soft cushions so that the dog can peacefully stay there.

Best Dog Crates

How to introduce a dog to a crate?

Puppies are introduced to crates quite easily by tossing foodstuff chew toys when they are hungry and let them work away. Gradually they can be left on their own and many will readily go to their crates voluntarily for naps or in search of a stuffed chew toy. Contrary, adult dogs would be reluctant and they may take longer to enter the crate. Therefore, the guidance of a pet behavior counselor is suggested. A great trick is to lock dinner inside the crate until your furry friend is throwing a major tantrum wanting to go inside then letting him in to have the meal and closing the door without him noticing it.

Here is a list of the top ten dog crates with positive rankings among the customers. The list is added up with details of its features, pros and cons, etc.

1. MidWest Homes Dog Crate

MidWest Homes Dog Crate

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Midwest Homes is ranked at number one in dog crate selling as it is one of the best dog crates for large dogs. It is designed for medium/large/intermediate dogs which weigh around 40-70 pounds. This folding metal crate includes all the features to provide your pet a safe, secure, and convenient home. It features a folding double door measuring 42Lx30Hx28W. The door is easy to open and has a dividing panel that helps you to adjust the size according to the growth of your dog. A plastic pan is provided for easy cleaning and is also made leakproof.

 A rubber roller is present at the bottom of the crate to protect your floors while moving. Midwest has paid attention to removing the sharp edges of the side clips to ensure the security of your friend. Before choosing the correct size of the crate you must check on the measurements of your dog so that it can move easily inside the crate and lay down. Midwest also offers the customers a warranty period of one year. The model also has electro- coat finishing that protects rusting of the metal. The Midwest is a highly reputed brand and is suggested by many dog owners

Key features

  • Two doors
  • Plastic handles for easy portability
  • Offers a good amount of ventilation
  • A dividing panel to adjust the size of the cage
  • Made up of very durable steel wire
  • Electro-coating to prevent rusting


  • Security
  • Available in various sizes for medium, large and intermediate dogs
  • Double latches on each door for proper locking
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Slide-out tray for easy and fast cleaning


  • Wheels are absent
  • The model does not include a mat
  • Ineffective lock syst
  • Heavier than other crate models.

2. NewWorld Dog crate

NewWorld Dog crate

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The New World dog crate users experience a sense of safety for their dogs when using this product. It helps your pet with reducing chewing and barking and also housebreaking. The crate has large open doors for easy exit and entrance. It also features easy-to-handle bolt latches to provide a safe and sustainable environment for your pet. The model design ensures proper ventilation for the pet and viability too. It is very easy to assemble and requires tools or techniques for folding. It is considered to be a good option when traveling outdoors because of its easy portability. It can be easily stored for transportation.

The crate also adds up with a plastic pan which is easy to clean and easy to remove. You can add up accessories for your pet to give it a more comfortable place to live in. The crate measures 30L x 19W x 21H and is suitable for dogs with medium height weighing between 25-40 pounds. The new world dog crate is given a warranty of one year to its customers. The dog crate is made up of durable metal material and is designed to ensure a safe place for your dog’s den. The New World dog crate is suggested as one of the best dog crates for separation anxiety.

Key features

  • It is very easy to assemble
  • Two doors for versatility and convenience
  • Corners are rounded for extra safety
  • Easy folding down to lay flat


  • High quality of metal used for durability
  • Easy cleaning
  • Many sizes are available
  • a good option for outdoor use
  • Double door


  • Not for small puppies
  • The dividing panel for growing dogs is absent
  • Packaging is not good

3. Ecoflix pet crate

Ecoflix pet crate

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The New Age Pet crate is a best dog crates for puppies training. The crate is made up of safe, non-toxic, plastic wood-polymer-type material which prevents cracks, splinters, or warps. The presence of a non-toxic substance will not absorb a bad odor.

It is also called the end table dog crate because the top and bottom pieces are fitted together perfectly to provide a table look. The table can be used at home also. The ecoflex crate is made up of stainless-steel tube spindles. it consists of double latches that are made up of stainless steel to restrict rusting and improve durability. The product has received many positive feedbacks from the users. The crate offers various colors and sizes to its customers. It works as home furniture performing multi-functions at the same time. Due to the solid ends, it becomes easy to clean.

The crate measures 20.9L x 15W x 17.9H inches. The doors are also in good dimensions of 16H x 11W. These crates are suitable for dogs with a weight of 20 lbs. It comes in four different colors – grey, espresso black, russet brown and, antique white.

Key features

  • Made up of nontoxic plastic wood to outlast wood
  • Available in four sizes and colors
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Stainless steel spindles
  • Proper ventilation provided
  • Removable tabletop
  • Easy cleaning of the tabletop
  • Provides enough safety and security to small dogs


  • Affordable and cheap
  • Durable and ventilated
  • Double locks of large sizes
  • Serves dual-purpose at home – a crate and a table
  • Does not absorb odor
  • Can also be used for cats
  • Easy portability


  • Not suggested to anxious dogs

4. Life stages Dog crate

Life stages Dog crate

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The life stages dog crate with a single folding door is designed for large dogs. The construction of the dogs’ den is done superbly. It is made up of strong and sturdy metal to handle all the movements of the dog which makes it good enough for large dogs. It has a metal separator that lets the pet have its own space and also allows durability for growing dogs.it also helps to control the habits of chewing and barking. The Life stages crate powered by Midwest folds down easily to lay flat without any tools. The folding is made easy by a plastic handle to make it sit at the bottom. These features make the product easy to carry and store and are a good option to consider for traveling purposes. To ensure extra safety the sharp edges of the den are rounded off and limit any kind of injury or accident in the cage. In addition, it is featured with roller feet for portability indoors and outdoors.

The XL crate size measures about 48L x 30W x 33H and is suitable for dogs that weigh around 91-110lbs. It is heavier than other crates which are a boon for heavy dogs which are difficult to control.

Key features

  • Rounded corners for safety from injuries
  • Sets up easily within seconds
  • Pan stops for easy cleaning
  • For heavier and aggressive dogs


  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Both single and double door options are available
  • The dividing panel supports the movement
  • The strong and heavy metals used
  • Adjustable size


  • Only for dogs of an extra-large size
  • No wheels

5. Petmate ‘ProValu’

Petmate ‘ProValu’

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This type of dog crate is designed especially for medium-sized dogs. It is designed to perfectly fit the criteria of safety, security, and comfort. The life of the crate is maximized by electro coat finishing which makes it an affordable product. The size of the crate is 30L x 19W x 21H inches. It is featured with a 5-point lock system that eliminates any kind of gaps or holes on all the sides and corners which in turn increase the strength of the cage.

 It is also adjustable with the growing size of the dog due to the presence of a dividing panel. It is a travel-friendly product as it is very easy to assemble and store. It is available in six different sizes- extra small, small, medium large, medium, large and extra-large for different dog sizes. The product has received many positive reviews for the dogs who escape easily. It is made up of rust-free material and a black e coated finish to maximize its strength and durability. The removable pan provides access to easy and Hustle-free cleaning.

Key features

  • Frame made up of Metallic wire to provide ventilation
  • Easy to access double doors
  • 5-point lock system
  • Available in six different sizes


  • No sharp edges to prevent any type of mishappening
  • Maximum security is ensured by the lock system
  • A good option for the dogs who try to escape often
  • Fast and easy maintenance


  • The small size is not comfortable
  • The door latches require extra efforts to open and close.

6. The pet gear crate

The pet gear crate

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It is a best dog crate for small dogs.The pet gear crate is fifth on the list and is counted in one of the most expensive dog crates available in the market. This dog crate is cleverly designed by offering all the necessary features and an amazing appearance. It is featured with blow-mold plastic which is heavy-duty along with steel inserts. The use of hybrid steel and plastic gives a striking appearance. The product is combined with a free fleece bed and a storage bag. The color-coordinated fleece bed is a boon to your pet’s comfort. The sharp edges were paid attention to and are rounded off to avoid any type of accident or injury to your pet.

The rounded corners also prevent damages to your home or car while traveling or storing. The most important feature is the four doors available on either side offering wide accessibility and the doors are enabled to hold up to 100 pounds. The presence of an integrated wheel system and a plastic pull handle ensures easy movement and portability within all the corners of the house. The crates are available in three sizes and can hold up to pets that weigh around 30 pounds. The base is insulated to restrict cracks and damages during extreme weather conditions. This crate is very easy to fold and assemble and ensures easy storage and transportation.

Key features

  • Wheels for easy movement around the house
  • Plush bed and cover for the comfort of the pet
  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools are required for folding
  • Attractive and deluxe


  • Easy cleaning
  • Can be easily stored and transported
  • Large garage doors
  • Built-in handles for easy movement
  • The top door provides accessibility to provide the pet food and water easily.


  • No dividing panel for growing dogs
  • The lock system is not effective
  • No sliding pan is available
  • Not for medium or large dogs

7. Hi captain double door crate

Hi captain double door crate

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Hicaptain is a reputed brand and has gained popularity and positive feedbacks in various products for your dog’s comfort. The Hicaptain dog crate is designed to provide elegant style and texture along with comfort to your pets. it is made up of heavy windproof and sun resistant polyester to protect in extreme weather conditions. The water-resistant coating further maximizes its durability and protection. The heavy-duty polyester cloth is added up with four elastic toggles at all the corners and plastic hooks. The plastic hooks keep the cloth in its place so that the dog firmly sits in and enjoys all its activities. If covered tightly the dog will not be able to perform its actions comfortably. It is provided with large panel openings with front and side doors. The kennel is made highly breathable and ventilated with adjustable curtains. The crate comes in different sizes and different designs with a flap or no flap window.

Key features

  • Zipper opening for handles
  • High-quality material is used
  • Three hooks for fixing
  • Four elastic toggles
  • Available in different designs and sizes


  • Easy installation
  • Two-sided doors provide easy accessibility
  • Well ventilated
  • Washable cover
  • Water-resistant fabric to stand extreme Weathers
  • UV resistant fabric to limit nail scratch marks


  • Un-convenient for growing dogs
  • Not for medium, large and extra-large dogs
  • Zippers may not be durable
  • Not a long-lasting product

8. Zoovilla dog crate

Zoovilla dog crate

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The zoovilla dog crate is another in the list of wooden crates with table ends. This product easily fits in the category or versatility for your furry and faithful friend. This wooden crate gives you an exceptionally attractive feature and an authentically designed kennel. The crate has a single door and a double door on two sides. In addition, it has a sliding lid cover to hide visibility and ensure your pet has a good night’s sleep. The crate is made up of metal rods and MDF along with a solid wood veneer.

 The multi-purpose service as a table is an advantage to the customers. The crate has a solid bottom panel and cage with metallic wires to strengthen the durability and make it long-lasting. The magnetic trays make it easy to pull out and clean. The assembly of the product is also very easy and it can be folded down flat within seconds with help of some tools which are combined with the product. The white and black textured finish gives it an extraordinary look. It can be accommodated in your home with an addition to your room decor.

Key features

  • The stylish table end can be accommodated in your room decor
  • Double door with hinges
  • Sliding floor pan with magnet


  • Retractable door for increased accessibility
  • Strong and stylish
  • High-quality construction material used
  • Available in two colors
  • Heavy metal rods limits the chewing of dogs


  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for big dogs
  • No dividing panel for growing dogs
  • Not suitable for all-day use

9. Ovation dog crate

Ovation dog crate

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The ovation dog crate by MidWest is the most innovative and offers many amazing features. The ovation dog crate design eliminates the requirement of extra space for a swinging hinged door. The crates provide a much-needed personal space to the pets and a home-like feel. This prevents the dogs from housebreaking and reduces barking and chewing. You need to be careful before choosing the right crate for your pet as it should be large enough to provide space for movement and activities for the growing friend. The crate offers doors of two kinds – a garage styled door to use after your puppy training and a front door to train your puppy. The crate also features a dividing panel for accommodating growing sizes of the pets, a leakage-proof pan made up of plastic that is easy to remove, a strong handle to provide easy mobility, and rubber feet to protect the flooring of your home. The assembling of the crate is very easy and portable. The handle ensures easy lifting and transportation. The metal rods of the crate ensure safety and security when you are not at your place. The crate is designed to be heavy and strong to resist unwanted behavior from the dogs.

Key features

  • Available in five different sizes
  • Garage style door with up and downslide
  • Dividing panel for growing dogs
  • Rubber feet to protect floors


  • Easy folding and carrying configuration
  • Safety door to rest the opened doors and provide protection to the paws and feet


  • The safety door does not fold down completely
  • The multiple doors are not for everyone

10. X-Zone Pet kennel

X-Zone Pet kennel

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You can call it as the best dog crate for car.This dog crate is the last one on our list but not the least. The X-ZONE pet crate is the most durable option offering an ample amount of space for the pets. They can easily enjoy their movements and activities without any boundary limitations. This kind of freedom will make them feel more comfortable and less crowded. The X-ZONE crate comes with three doors which are uniquely designed and ensures easy usage. The mesh doors provide a ventilated experience to the dogs and ensure proper airflow. The dog crate can be easily carried along with you when you need to travel outdoors. The dog crate can be easily folded and stored for transportation.

The self-locking zipper design restricts your dog from sneaking out and unzipping the door. The removable design makes way for easy cleaning. It can be retracted and washed regularly to provide a more hygienic environment. The strong tubes of steel give it a durable structure.

Key features

  • The unique design of three doors
  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Available in multiple sizes that help you meet your different types of requirements


  • Easy assembling and storage
  • A good option when traveling in a car
  • Self-locking zippers
  • Ensures easy and fast cleaning


  • No strong base
  • Not for dogs with medium, large and intermediate heights

How To Choose The Best Dog Crate

A crate can be the most comfortable and convenient home for your furry pet. The dogs will readily accept the new home if provided with the right training. Dog training plays a major role to enjoy the benefits of the product. There is a range of products available for all dog sizes. Few dog crates also provide you with enough portability and storage facility to travel outdoors. Few crates serve multiple purposes and accommodate easily your room complementing the decor. The right choice of the crate depends on your requirements and the size and comfort of the dog. So, choose your crate wisely.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the biggest tasks the user had to face is cleaning and maintaining the crate. The crate requires constant and regular cleaning to maintain its sanity and keep your pet dog away from all kinds of diseases and infections. Therefore it is essential to clean the crate occasionally, which is indeed a tough task. 


But some of the crates come up with the advantage of providing a nice and easy cleaning surface that can be utilized to clean the crate efficiently without any tiring efforts. Therefore be wise to look out for such crates that make the cleaning process easy. 

  • Storage

Apart from the cleaning process, you really need to store and carry the crate occasionally or when the situation demands. Therefore the crate needs to be the one which is easy to carry and store in a place which should also be a saver of space. 


In such cases, those crates which possess the advantage of the ease of storage, like the ones which can be folded as a flat line will be advantageous and preferred. Also, the flat line ones will be easy to carry from one place to another too. So pick the crates which can be stored when not in use in your home easily. 

  • Price

Undoubtedly one of the most important factors that sometimes stands above all when making any purchase decision. Price is a crucial concept that has a huge role to play when choosing the right available crate for your Dog. The dogs’ crates vary at a huge range from the budget, economic ones to the premium luxurious ones with a good set of features. Each of these variations on the factors based on the price range and another set of additional features. 

  • Size

It may sound not so important, but to some degree, the crate’s size is much Important than the price or even all the other factors together considered. The pet dogs are of different sizes, and their size sometimes depends on factors beyond their age, like their breed. 


So it is important to consider the size of the cage you are planning to buy with these factors. There are many crates of all types and sizes available in the market, which eases your efforts to find the right crate for your pet dog. 

  • Doors and Safety

Doors are a mandatory attachment in all the pet dog crates, and sometimes the number of doors varies between one and two. In the case of two doors provided on a crate, the first one will be on the front and the second one on the upper part of the crate, which can lift the pet dog and the front door for placing the food inside the crate. 


The pet dog crates’ doors need to be secured and should provide enough safety for the Dog inside. For this, there should be safety latches, one or more in the doors, which can be used to open and close the crate. 

  • Materials used

The quality of the built of the crate depends upon the materials used to build it. Most of the budget, economical and medium price ranged crates are made of metals like iron and steel with a blend of plastic, while some of the premium range of crates are made of polyester and PVC material. With the hike in the prices, the metal’s quality differs at a large scale and the additional coating provided for the crate defers largely. 

  • Weight

One of the major reasons behind the usage of crates instead of kennels and cages is to port the crate from one place to another very easily. It can be easily handled manually as the crate will have everything that enables the easiness and convenience in handling the same. 


Therefore, these crates’ weight usually varies within the range of 1-2 kg to 14-15 kg. The lighter ones are preferred for travel purposes as some of them even have the feature of carrying it on the shoulders, while the heavier ones are preferred for less movement and put up within the vicinity of the house. 

  • Other features

There are some other features that you may need to consider before making the purchase decision. This includes the additional ones like multiple safety latches for ensuring maximum safety of your pet dog. 


The removable tray for maximum convenience and comfort in cleaning the base of the crate. The comfort in carrying the crate with the provided hook’s help balances the crate altogether. Furthermore, other features like an additional coat of paint to resist the rust and sustain the harsh climatic conditions like extreme sunlight or rain. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is it good to put a dog in a crate? 

Yes. Definitely yes. It is excellent to use a crate for a puppy or a dog as it has many visible advantages. Most importantly, it keeps the dog safe from all the threats within the crate whenever you are not around, or anyone is. It will also contribute to the discipline of the Dog and keeps them healthy within the crate. They will learn how to do bowel movements and keep the whole surroundings clean. Therefore it is totally a good idea to keep the Dog in a crate.

Q. 2 Is it okay to cover a dog crate with a blanket? 

Yes, but not every time. It is totally okay to cover the crate with a blanket during the crate training to ensure that the Dog gets its own private space and freedom to enjoy within the crate. But the use of a blanket for a long time makes it scary and thrown away from the real world happenings. Therefore it is recommended to use the blanket over the dog crate for a limited time every day, which keeps the Dog happy and gets used to the surroundings very well.

Q.3 Where should I put my Dog’s crate? 

It is always better to keep the dog crate indoors to make space very much comfortable for the Dog. The Dog may need frequent attention, and it is only possible with you being around it. Also, it will make them familiar with space and get used to it. The crate also restricts the Dog from moving around unwantedly indoors, and if possible, the crate can be placed in the bedroom too.

Q.4 Should I leave water in the dog crate at night?

In case you have a puppy, it is a part of the crate training process to place the water bowl in the crate during the night. Otherwise, it is not essential to keep the water as the dogs most probably don’t need it at night. But in the case of the grown-up dogs, you need to be sure about their drinking habits and don’t place the water bowl inside the crate during the nighttime. In this way, the Dog will be groomed properly as a part of the crate training.

Q.5 Can I crate my Dog for 12 hours? 

You should be aware that a dog shouldn’t be left alone in the crate for long hours. This leads to a permanent effect on both the physical and mental growth of the Dog. To prevent this situation, it is recommended to keep the grown-up Dog for just 6-8 hours a day in a crate and in the case of a puppy, just keep it inside the crate for just 4-5 hours a day. This will be enough for their daily activities and keep them fresh and nourished.


As mentioned above, you need to follow the steps and instructions to train your Dog with crates and other setups properly. Therefore you need to pick the right crate for your Dog while keeping up with the buying guide and make your purchase accordingly. Also, keep a tab on the top 10 dog crates listed here to pick the best out of the best dog crates available in the market.