10 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2022 {Cut Your Dog’s Nails at Home} – Review & Buying Guide

Pets simply make our lives complete. If we own a pet, taking proper care of them is our responsibility.  They make us happy, and in return, we have to make their lives comfortable and provide them with the best living place. Even if they don’t want, we should take proper care of them and nurture them.

In this case, dogs are known as the best friends of man. They are just like babies who need to be given proper attention and care with everything.

One of the major problems faced by the dogs is their growing nails, which makes them uncomfortable and leaves scratches everywhere they go. It would be tough to maintain the place by leaving your dog inside with long grown nails.

They need to be taken care of on time, and otherwise, it will damage your place with scratches all over. A simple solution is to take care of the nails on time by making sure they are properly cut and neatly groomed and maintained.

You don’t have to rely on a veterinary hospital to do the task as the nails will only take a couple of weeks to grow back. You can do it yourself for your dog with the help of a dog nail clipper, and that’s all you need. There are a variety of products available in the market, and most likely, you will be confused about what to buy or how I should pick the right product.

We are here to help you with your confusion and present you with the complete buying guide for your dog nail clipper and also the latest and best products in the range you can completely make a go for in the market.

10 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2022 {Cut Your Dog’s Nails at Home}

Here are some features you have to look into a dog nail clipper before making the purchase.

1. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers

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One of the best dog nail clippers you can get for your dog, which impresses us with its extensive range of features.  Its a completely lightweight and easily handled nail clipper cum nail trimmer, which is even preferred by the doctors for a clean and smooth cut of the nails, causing no harm to your pet.

It is one of the safest nail clippers you can go for, which comes in with a safety guard, which ensures the safety of the nail clipper cum tripper.

The blades used in the BOSHEL dog nail clippers are sharp and, at the same time, highly user-friendly too. It means you can easily cut your dog’s nails without any pressure or anything smoothly and precisely, even if you are doing that for the very first time. Here are some significant advantages and disadvantages of the BOSHEL dog nail clipper


  • A handy and highly user-friendly tool, comfortable and compatible to use
  • Blades of superior quality provides smooth and a neat cut
  • The safety lock ensures that the cut is accurate, not too deep or not properly cut
  • The comfortable grip which makes you cut the nails like a pro


  • It could be moderately small if you have a big hand the size is not adjustable to that length

2. CleanHouse Pets Dog Nail Clippers

CleanHouse Pets Dog Nail Clippers

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This Nail clipper from the house of CleanHouse is the best dog nail cutter available in a mini size. The superb design, with its attractive outlook, makes it more and more eye-catching. The nail clipper has a long handle compared to the body of its blade. It gives it a more authentic look, which outstands as a mini dog clipper.

Due to its miniature shape and size, the dog nail clipper is among the most affordable options to go for in the market. Anyhow it is top-rated in the product too, preferred by the customers preferably use branded products.

The handy structure and outlook and the attractive design itself is its most significant advantage of the product. It is a multipurpose nail clipper that can be used to cut the nails of dogs, cats, and even birds who risk scratching and damaging the surface.


  • Small and handy, easy to hold and work with this
  • The manufacturer sets a lifetime warranty on the product
  • Excellently built houses right quality steel blade with a durable plastic handle.
  • One of the most affordable nail clippers in the market sold at a meager price


  • Sometimes in some hands, the size of the nail clipper will be a lot lesser than usual and becomes difficult to handy.

3. Helishy Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper

Helishy Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper

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One of the most technologically advanced nail clippers with an extensive range of features and impressive performance. It might look small in size, but the pet nail is clipper is sharp and of adequate size.

This is a promising piece of technology that more extended durability. The advanced techniques are the best thing about this product, and some of them are genuinely notable ones. For example, the powerful, magnificent lens and an excellent LED attached to the product’s body are some noteworthy features of the illuminated nail clipper.

They make sure that the process is not harmful at all in many ways. Here are some of the commonly accepted perks of having a Helishy illuminated pet nail clipper.


  • A wonderfully lit LED which simply illuminates the area of cutting well
  • Durable quality blades used for the cutting purpose is made of smooth and for precisely cutting
  • A 5x zooming lens is attached to the products and helps in adding to every accurately made cutting.
  • It comes with a collector in the bottom, which automatically collects the cats’ and dogs’ nails without causing any trouble to you cleaning it.


  • The illuminated pet nail clipper from Helishy is slightly priced above the price it deserves.

4. IOKHEIRA Dog Nail Clippers For Large Dogs

IOKHEIRA Dog Nail Clippers For Large Dogs

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Let us check out one of the best dog nail clippers with the most straightforward design and more than just easy to use. It is also among the most affordable dog nail clippers one can make a go for blindly. It comes out in an attractive color blend, which is the highlight of the dog nail clipper.

It is also stuffed with many features that make this nail clipper a product with the best value for money.

IOKHEIRA dog nail clipper has a body made of superb quality metal and polymer body, making it even more attractive and easy to handle.

 Let us check out some of the major perks of owning this fantastic dog nail clippers for your four-legged friends.


  • Easy to handle with custom design and the polymer made handle with grips
  • Small but reliable design, the blades ensure safety and protection of the pets
  • Used for clipping nails of other pets like cats, birds, rabbits, etc.
  • Extremely lightweight as you won’t even feel the slightest difficulty in handling the nail clipper


  • No additional illumination like an LED or a lens to zoom in and make cuts precisely

5. AUSHEN Dog Nail Clippers, Grinder, Dog Nail Trimmer

AUSHEN Dog Nail Clippers, Grinder, Dog Nail Trimmer

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If you are looking for the best dog nail cutter in the moderate range of price line, here is the Dog nail grinder cum trimmer from the house of AUSHEN. A beautiful and gorgeous looking nail trimmer with some extensive range of features makes it an utterly multi-functional tool.

Unlike the other typical dog nail clippers of the market AUSHEN dog nail grinder, cum trimmer works on a rechargeable battery.

This electric dog nail grinder has a fantastic set of features like you can put in different filters that determine the trimming process’s intensity. So it is easy to set the strength of the trimming beforehand and manually operate it so that the dog nails are trimmed accurately.

Here is a bunch of perks of one of the best dog nail clippers in the electronic category.


  • 100% accuracy and there is no ground for a mistake or error, also making the whole process pass without causing any kind of pain
  • It Makes less to no sound in total. The movement of the rotor blades are quiet and efficient which only cause vibrations
  • The best way to trim the nails of your pets as even kids can handle these trimmers with ease with the right clip on the rotor
  • Quick and smooth as unlike other nail clippers it won’t lead to uneven shape or structure of nails after clipping or trimming


  • No sturdy surface on the body to properly grip and slightly overpriced for a moderate range dog nail trimmer and grinder

6. Dudi Dog Nail Clippers

Dudi Dog Nail Clippers

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An easily portable mini dog nail clippers, the best dog nail clipper you will ever find in an economy package. This budget dog nail clipper has some mind-blowing features, making it the best value for the money paid.

Long and sturdy handles with comfortable gripping are one of the best parts of these dog nail clippers.

The handle size can be adjusted according to your preference. The metal at the end is of reliable quality, which promises an excellent cut through the nails with maximum precision and accuracy. It is perfect for both cats and dogs.

Let us look at some of the best features of the Dudi dog nail clippers and trimmer.


  • The blade is made of superior quality stainless steel
  • Completely user friendly as it is provided with a safety guard and safety lock to ensure its accuracy
  • Lightweight and easy handling fits perfectly in your hands
  • The attractive color combination and extreme comfort through an ergonomic design


  • Not a perfect choice for beginners as the features are limited

7. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clippers for Dogs

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clippers for Dogs

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Let us take a look at this beautiful dog nail trimmer, which is undoubtedly the best dog nail cutter you can buy for a limited budget. From the house of Safari, the prominent manufacturers of grooming tools, this dog nail trimmer hits perfection with its bunch of features and extraordinary looks.

A safe to use and highly comfortable dog nail trimmer with an excellent grip and good quality blades at the end. This nail trimmer extremely lightweight, weighing just 0.1 pounds in total. Safari also launches it as a complete kit for grooming dogs, and this one is an essential part of the pack.

Now let us take a quick peek at some of the reasons why the Safari professional stainless steel nail trimmer is one of the best dog nail clippers.


  • Top-quality blades with safety lock for avoiding accidents
  • Blades made of stainless steel provide with maximum accuracy and precision
  • The handles have proper grips and have an additional rubber coating
  • Lightweight, user-friendly as very easy to handle


  • Not suitable for large dogs
  • The limited set of features

8. Mighty Paw Dog Nail Clippers

Mighty Paw Dog Nail Clippers

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We hereby present you another mid-range dog nail clipper with an attractive design and top of the class benefits in its category. This one comes with an ergonomic handle and a safety guard ensuring maximum possible comfort and handling whenever you use the nail clipper to cut your dog’s overgrown nails.

The attractive and catchy colour combination with beautiful design makes it more appealing and the 3.5 mm blades are efficient enough to give a smooth cut through the nails of your dog. You can also, make use of the slot beneath the dog nail clipper which can be used to store the additional nail file which is available with every Mighty Paw Dog Nail Clipper. The safety measures and performance of the guards are laudable. Moreover, the noise and vibration produced are also limited very well. Here is a quick outlook of the significant advantages of the Mighty Paw dog nail clipppers.


  • A well-equipped safety guard ensuring a smooth cut without causing any harm to your pet dog
  • The blades are long-lasting, so as their sharpness too which is reliable and always gives a smooth cut
  • An attractive color combo and the design which stands out among the other similar products in the market
  • Maximum comfort is given to the handle with an ergonomic design which won’t stress your palms


  • Many similar products of the same price range is available in the market and it fails to create a Unique Selling Proposition in the market

9. Goodness Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed

Goodness Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed

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Now we can look at these fantastic dog nail clippers from the house of Goodness, one of the best dog nail clippers in the moderate budget category. It is also a great purchase when you are looking for a mid-range product with the best value for the money paid. If that’s what you are looking for, then these excellent features of the Goodness Dog nail clippers will arouse your interests.


  • Long and sturdy handles make it easy to hold and carry in your hands
  • Safety lock and the guard helps in avoiding minor accidents
  • The blade is made of the surgical grade stainless steel, best in the business
  • Comfortable and handy to use, assures a clean and neat cut every time


  • A limited set of features for a dog nail cutter which is merely satisfactory

10. I-pure items Dog Nail Clippers

I-pure items Dog Nail Clippers

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Let us bring the most affordable normal dog nail cutter to the list, which is also one of the best dog nail cutters you can make a go for in the market. The complete set of dog nail trimmer has a variety of filters or ports that control the trimming procedure’s speed and intensity.

From the leading manufacturer of grooming kits for the pets, this dog nail grinder is the best buy if you are looking to get a quality electric dog nail trimmer at a mid-range price. Let us have a peek at some of the significant benefits of this trimmer.


  • Three sets of filters and two modes to control the speed and intensity of the grinding process
  • The set also contains a top-quality manual dog nail clipper too which is a dual benefit
  • Best for cats, birds, rabbits, and dogs
  • A stronger and efficient machine which is safe and produces less noise and vibration


  • There are better products available at the dog nail clipper range

Key Features of the Best Dog Nail Clippers 2020 – Buying Guide

1. Comfort

The term comfort here refers to the comfort of holding the dog nail clipper on your hands while cutting the nails of your dog. The nail clipper needs to be soft, smooth, and comfortable enough to easily cut the nails of your dog without any complexity.

There are a variety of models in the market which have smooth grips and come out in the form of ergonomically designed structures that are quite easy to handle. Some of the handles also have coatings over them to ensure better grip and comfort while cutting your dog’s nails.

2. The material used

Another important part of the metal on the top of the dog nail clipper is the type of material used. Usually, the dog nail clippers widely use the stainless steel blades for the dog nail cutter part, which should be solid, and the blades need to be extremely sharp.

Therefore superior quality stainless steel is used for this, and the best thing being rust-free maintenance. Many dog nail clippers use stainless steel of surgical grade, which is one of the finest for dog nail clippers.

3. Budget

One of the most important factors that need to be taken care of is the budget you plan to spend on the dog nail cutter. It may vary with the number of features included, type of material used, comfort, and, most importantly, the category of the dog nail clipper.

So you have to plan your budget accordingly so you can get the best dog nail clipper for you. The price varies highly with the product as there are economical, budget dog nail clippers to premium ones with an advanced range of features are available in the market.

4. Safety

One of the least discussed, but the most important feature you need to consider before making a purchase decision for buying the dog nail clipper is its safety. Even minor accidents caused by the dog nail clipper will harm your dog, and therefore you need to be very careful before picking the right product.

You need to make sure that the product meets all the safety requirements, and it comes with the option for a safety lock and safety guard, which controls the operation of the dog nail clipper. It helps set the scale to a limit of safety, and the blades cannot cross t when it is put underuse.

5. Weight

The weight of the dog nail clipper may sound unlikely to be a major factor to be considered, but it has a huge role to play when handling it in real. Cutting of the nails of your dog using the dog nail cutter is a task that requires utmost concentration and should be performed with care.

The weight of the dog nail cutter may possess a hindrance when you have to handle it for a long time. The lightweight dog nail clippers are the most viable and comfortable option you can go with from the range of products.

6. Adjustments

The size of the dog nail cutter should be flexible enough to make adjustments to its size. The size of the hands and the nails’ length differ a lot, and therefore, both the blades and the handle of the dog nail clipper should be adjustable enough so that the comfort and accuracy will not be compromised. At the same time, a properly adjusted dog nail clipper will help perfectly cut the nails of your dog.

Best Dog Nail Clippers

7. The types of dog nail clippers

There are two types of dog nail clippers available in the market. The one being the normal ones and the other being the advanced electric trimmers used to cut and groom the nails of your dog.

  • Normal dog nail clippers

Normal dog nail clippers are operated with hands, and the whole mechanism is completely manual. The dog nail clippers completely take the part of the nail from its body, which is performed by bare hands.

The part of the nails is removed in a click, and it grows back in a couple of weeks. These dog nail clippers are inexpensive and easily available in the market compared to the other types of dog nail clippers.

  • Electric dog nail clippers

The electric dog nail clippers are comparatively expensive but come with advanced features that the normal dog nail clippers do not possess. The electric dog nail clippers are mostly trimmers and grooming equipment, which does not completely remove the nails but trims it perfectly.

The user will get different ports or filters for this purpose as the nails can be beautifully trimmed using these electric dog nail clippers. Moreover, they are easily portable, and the user will also get different adjustable speed modes to control the trimming process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it fine to use human nail clippers on dogs?

No. It is not. Human nail clippers have flat ends, and the nails of dogs are not compatible with the particular shape of the blades. These will easily hurt the dog’s feet and may lead to injuries. It is always better to go with a dog nail cutter.

Q2. Is it better to grind or clip dog nails?

The clipping process completely removes the extended portion of the nails while the grinding or trimming process only removes the exterior portion slowly and gives a beautiful outlook. Grinding is preferred for grooming purposes while clipping it can be done quickly without any waste of time.

Q3. How often should I trim overgrown dog nails?

In case your dog has overgrown nails, then it is recommended that you trim the nails of your dog weekly. Also, keep in mind that it is a slow process but will give a neat and smooth outlook for its nails. It is a perfect way to groom the nails of your dog instead of simply clipping it.


As you have seen, the dog nail clippers are an essential tool that we all need to perfectly groom our dogs and give them a neat outlook. It helps prevent the nails from creating more scratches all over the surface and damaging it. Therefore it is always better to get a nice dog nail clipper and use them at regular intervals.

The buying guide will get you clear instructions on how to make the right purchase. Check out the best ten dog nail clippers 2022 listed for you to get the best out of the market.

These products are handpicked carefully from the wide variety of products available in the market. All of these products are promising, impressive and will never disappoint you with its performance.