Does My Dog Really Need Boots?

As humans, we can’t go out without footwear, and many pet parents wonder if their dog needs a pair of dog boots too. The answer can vary depending on the weather conditions, breed, and how long you plan to be outside without the boot. So, the question comes if the boots are really required for your dog or not? We received similar questions from many pet parents, and in this article, we have shared some information about dog boots for you. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Does my Dog Really Need Boots?

Best Dog Boots

The dog’s paws come with the pads, and these pads are generally very tough to take a lot of abuse. Still, we have listed some of the details below to understand if you need to buy the boots for your dogs or not.

Summers – We live in concrete jungles, and the disadvantage is that the concrete sidewalk can get extremely hot during the summers. If your pet walks on such hot concrete, he may end up with burns on the pads. You can check if the sidewalk is hot or not by pressing your hand on the ground and analyzing the temperature. In such a case, you should get boots for your dogs as this can prevent the dog from getting burnt. If you often visit the park and walk your dog in the grass, you can manage without the boots. During summers, you would also need to remove the boots after some time; otherwise, the dog may get uncomfortable.

Winters – Winters can be harsh for the dogs, especially if you live in the area where the council uses de-icers. These de-icers are laced which chemicals to melt the ice, and they can cause chemical burns on the pads. Moreover, the chemicals can stick to the paws, and the dog may end up licking these chemicals. Apart from this, the salt can also make the dog uncomfortable. These crystals can be sharp enough to injure the dog. To avoid all this, you can get dog boots for your pet, and he will be more comfortable walking around during winters. The dog boots can prove to be very beneficial in such cases.

Hiking – We are sure that you would not miss the chance of hiking with the dog. In such a case, you can go ahead and opt for the boots as well. During the hikes, the terrain can be rough, and the dog may not feel comfortable walking over the rocks, mud or sharp pebbles. The boots can help your dog when he is hiking with you. Moreover, you can check if the boots have a good grip or not. A good grip would ensure that the dog doesn’t slip.

Allergies – We have come across some dogs who are allergic to pollens. In such a case, they can get rashes on their paw pads if exposed to them. To avoid any rashes, you can make your dog wear boots while you are taking him out. This will also help you in avoiding the need of treating the allergy.

Injury – There are times when your pet may have injuries on its paws. Walking outside or having wet paws can slow down the healing process. It becomes crucial to keep the paws dry & clean during such times to speed up the healing process. In this case, you can go ahead and make your dog wear the boots on the affected foot. You can even make your dog wear boots on all the paws. However, we strongly recommend you check with the vet before you make your dog wear boots in case of an injury. The vet will guide you properly, and you will be able to make the right decision.

Final Verdict

While it is essential to get the boots for your dogs, it is also essential for you to ensure that the boots are the right fit for the dog. The pets would take some time to get used to the boots, but these boots can be beneficial during the monsoon, winters or any such circumstances that we have defined in the sections above. Sometimes, the dog may refuse to walk with the boots on, but you need to be patient, and the dog will get used to it.

The boots are certainly the best way to protect the paws and keep them dry. At the same time, the paws would stay clean when the dog is playing in the mud. Boots will also help you avoid washing the paws every time you come back from the walk. So, the boots are certainly a good addition for the dog, and the boots will help them in many scenarios.