How to Introduce a Muzzle to Your Dog?

Dogs are caring, lovely and surely the part of that little happiness, which you feel after coming home. They not only show affection, but they are also good enough to sense your moods. Who doesn’t like petting their little dog?

Meanwhile, the dog is a wide term and there are hundreds of species. Some are awesome and lazy, whereas some are aggressive and uncontrollable. While training all dogs have a different method, there is one thing common among all. Dogs have a habit to explore new stuff. They try to sneak peek into everything by sniffing things.

This problem seems exhausting when you are outside the home and your dog is trying to get his nose into the garbage. To prevent these issues, a muzzle is one of the common solutions for all the problems. But, how to introduce a muzzle to your little buddy? Well, it’s easy when you have the right guidance.

Dog Muzzle

Here are some easy ways to introduce and train your dog to a muzzle. Let’s get started –

1. Let your dog figure it out first

You can buy a quality dog muzzle and place it near everything your dog like. From the favorite relaxing place to feeding bowls. Your dog will take a sniff on the new muzzle out of curiosity. With the time passing by, your dog will get used to a muzzle within three to four days. It is the optimal time and makes sure that your dog doesn’t rip apart the muzzle.

2. Placing the peanut butter

You can apply a little peanut butter inside at the bottom of the muzzle. There is no way that your dog can resist licking on the food and putting face inside to eat it out. No doubt this thing will be instant and you can keep doing the same for the next one or two days. In this time, your dog will get used to the muzzle.

3. Treat and Praise

Dogs love to do things that let them get treats in exchange and praising them will be like the cherry on top. So, you can place the muzzle on your dog’s mouth for a few minutes this time and then treat them with a little feed. Make sure the quantity of feed should be small. Doing this every single time after using the muzzle on your dog will make them love it because they will wait for the reward after it. You can increase the time by 30 minutes after they get used to it.

4. Using Different types of Muzzle

Hard plastic or rubber made muzzles are widely popular, but they are also troublesome to introduce. If you are trying to introduce something made of hard plastic, make sure that your dog doesn’t have a breathing issue. If your dog starts breathing hard, remove it and you can try out muzzle masks, which are made of soft material and dogs usually don’t have any issue with those types of muzzles.

5. Alternative Method

In case your dog still doesn’t like using a muzzle, do not force use it. You can take some time to figure out better solutions. Still, it is optimal to use a muzzle for a couple of minutes inside the home and treating your pet. By this method, they will learn easily. Consulting at a vet shop or an expert can help you find some alternative methods for your dog also.

The Final Verdict

Muzzles are perfect while visiting a veterinarian, traveling with your pet, or making your dog avoid sniffing around. Make sure that you choose a quality made muzzle to train your dog, it will be the most optimal and easiest choice for every pet owner.