How to Measure a Dog for a Muzzle?

Dog muzzle is thoughtfully designed equipment to train a dog and prevent biting.As everyone thinks, a muzzle is only for troubled and aggressive dogs, but in fact, it is a common tool for dealing with all types of puppies and dogs. Often dogs become anxious and nervous when there is a stranger around or a street dog is yelling at them. Even the calm mind dogs might snap or roar at someone when they are nervous or scared. So, you can use a muzzle to keep them calm and get them away from biting habits.

But the question here is that how to measure the correct muzzle so that the dog is neither hurt nor painful? For appropriate muzzles, the determination of dog size is a simple and suitable way. You can prefer the weight and breed of your dog for adequate sizing and measurement. However, dogs with the same weight and breed have different variations in snout shape and size.  Therefore, you can measure both the length and circumference of your dog’s snout. If your dog is a little aggressive, you may need the help of a veterinarian to hold him while measuring.

Dog Muzzle

Note: Do not just depend on the breed or weight of your dog. Also, focus on measuring your dog and making sure that you receive the right pick for your dog. For the measuring process, you should have a measure tape or string which you will use to draw next to a ruler. Along with this, you need a pen a paper for filling in measurement details of the snout of your dog

A right Muzzle for a dog

Before start measuring, it is important to know its use and purpose. There are two types of muzzle include basket and occlusion. The basket allows enough space for the dog to eat, breathe, and open its mouth while occlusion is designed for dogs that are aggressive and barked all time. To keep them shut occlusion is available. Therefore, it is important to consider a dog’s safety and comfort when selecting a muzzle.

If you want a muzzle for training and exercise, choose a basket muzzle. The basket muzzle is usually made out of leather, plastic or wire. Even they are one of the most comfortable options, especially for dog physical activity. On the other hand, a fabric muzzle will be preventing them from drinking, panting and eating. These muzzles are commonly used under the supervision of groomers and vets.

What aspects should consider while measuring dogs?

The measurement of a dog for a muzzle lies upon six aspects including length, Circumferences, Eye Line, Neck Circumferences, Width and Height.

  1. For measuring the length, check the distance from the tip of the nose to the eye line (in inches).
  2. The circumference should be measured with a closed mouth and around 1-inch below the eye line.
  3. Check the distance from the eye line to right behind the ears to measure the Eye line in inches.
  4. Neck circumferences should be measure in inches around the neck behind the ears.
  5. Take a measure of nose width and then go for snout height. ( make sure the dog mouth will be a little open when you measure snout height.

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