How to Muzzle an Aggressive Dog?

As people may think, the muzzle is a permanent solution to controlling dog aggression, but it is a protective tool to prevent bites. Dog muzzles are essential only for aggressive dogs also can be used for puppies. If your dog has biting records or past violent behavior history then you can use it for him to stop.

Few dogs breed have aggressive nature and lose temper issues. To getting away from such issues, the muzzle is the only solution that you can use. Besides this, it can be helpful to stop the trash eating habits of the dog while walking on the streets. There are various benefits of having a muzzle for your dog. But here the question is, muzzle works on the aggressive dog?

Tips to trained aggressive dog with a muzzle

How to Muzzle an Aggressive Dog?

However, the muzzle is a key for controlling the aggressive behavior of a dog but doesn’t it require when your dog is too young. Wearing a muzzle to a puppy can lead to discomfort, stress and anxiety. Of course, the muzzle worn on a puppy may become the reason for developing aggression.

As such, it is important to choose a right muzzle that provides adequate size as per your dog’s nose weight, length, circumferences and most importantly the breed of dog.

A muzzle is just a temporary safety precaution that may cause issues during eating, drinking and petting. It depends on how long you can put a muzzle on your dog. But remember wearing a muzzle for more than 8 hours can enhance dog aggression.

 Additionally, he becomes even dangerous for strangers and outsiders. To prevent dog biting and aggression, you can learn special dog behavior training and use dog muzzles as well. To learn dog training, you can take the help of a dog behaviorist professional or watch online dog training videos.

How to Set a Dog Muzzle on an aggressive dog?

Dog’s don’t like made item like muzzle, especially aggressive dog. It restricts the moves and acts of dogs, also may lead to injuries. The very difficult part is to handle aggressive dogs, especially when going outside. Moreover, putting a muzzle is slightly difficult but if you have patience, you could be done with ease. For putting a muzzle on a vicious dog, you will need to train your dog by using step-by-step. Treat him or praise him during training sessions, activities like playing, running, throwing. Also, make your dog familiar with a muzzle.

Steps to Follow

The following step helps you to handle your aggressive dog when putting muzzle:

  1. Firstly, buy a new muzzle and use it as a treat distributor.
  2. Let dog touch to get familiar with the new tool. Follow the same step several times.
  3. Take muzzle in your hand and keep close to your dog nose for a longer time gradually.
  4. Once your dog gets acquainted with a muzzle award him for this act by giving cheese, bread etc.
  5. Repeat the following steps for longer until you feel comfortable and connected with the muzzle.

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