How to Muzzle Train a Dog?

Dog muzzle is safety equipment that can allow you to distract your dogs during a meeting with strangers and they may find uncomfortable. It is usually required during the training and preventing your dog from having irregular food eating habits. In most cases, it is helpful to make your dog not eat from the streets during outside walks. Dog on muzzle can minimalize damage when you are outside the home with your aggressive little buddy. These aspects clearly show a muzzle plays an important role in enhancing the skills of a dog.

Types of Dog Muzzles

There are majorly two muzzles available – Soft Muzzles and Basket Muzzles.

  1. Soft Muzzles

No doubt that Soft Dog Muzzles well-designed muzzles for short term use. The are not used for large, stressed and aggressive dogs, or long-term use.


  • This type of Muzzle helps in reducing stress as you are using the muzzle onto the dog nose.
  • It can be fit easily.
  • These muzzles are made from comfortable fabric.
  • Soft Muzzles are machine washable.


  • Soft Muzzles keeps the dog’s snout locked.
  • This type of muzzle doesn’t allow appropriate temperature regulation for your dog.
  • Aspiration’s risk may increase if the dog vomits while wearing a muzzle.
  1. Basket Muzzles

These types of muzzles are best for longer acts or events like visiting the vet shop on a long trip or taking your pet outside for a long walk.


  • Basket muzzle can be moulded easily.
  • Dog with basket muzzles can open their mouth and relax their mouth for appropriate body regulation.
  • This muzzle is suitable for larger dog breeds.
  • It is a lightweight muzzle that ensures durability.


  • With this muzzle, your dog is capable of biting easily as if the finger is inserted into the basket.
  • If the dog tries to paw at it, his nail will be getting stuck in the muzzle.
  • Small objects can be easily passed through openings of the basket.

How Muzzle Train a dog?

Dog Muzzle

The following steps should be followed to introduce a dog with a muzzle:

Introducing the Muzzle

  • Allow your dog to smell the muzzle.
  • Use muzzle as a treat distributor.
  • Start feeding your dog by using a muzzle.

As your dog is introduced to the muzzle, and head to the fitting stage

  • Now, pick up the muzzle and touch it to the dog’s nose. Repeat the same steps several times.
  • If your dog is calmed and relaxed, put thismuzzle right overthe dog’s nose.
  • You may place a chicken slice, cheese, or any favourite treat of your dog in the muzzle if using a soft muzzle.
  • Next, put cheese or peanut butter in the bottom of the muzzle if using a basket muzzle.
  • Let muzzle leave in front of your dog, allow him to lick and eat in case of both muzzles.
  • If your dog feels comfortable wearing the muzzle, gently regulate the straps.
  • Offer a treat to your while wearing a muzzle. After giving a reward to your dog, remove the muzzle slowly.
  • Let your log leave with the muzzle for at least 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • While the dog wearing the muzzle, continue to provide food items and treats.


Start with a shorter amount of time to make familiar your dog with a muzzle. For regular training, give rewards to your dog with the muzzle.