How To Put a Muzzle On a Dog?

Dog’s interaction with strangers and street dogs can create stressful situations and they may bite at that point.These situations can also include going for a walk, being distressed as a routine to the vet, nervousness around other people, etc. In that case, a muzzle plays important role in maintaining calm and control and most importantly not becoming dangerous.

This equipment will ensure you that your dog is in control and he will not get a chance to bite anyone. This tool provides complete protection while you are working to teach your dog and improves their social skill. With a muzzle on the dog, you will be able to manage his aggressive leanings and keep him away from circumstances in which he may be likely to bite.  By building a positive association, you can put a muzzle on your dog with ease. Let’s talk about it in-depth.

put muzzle on dog

1. Introduce the muzzle to your dog through favorite activity

The first thing to be considered is the selection of any activity. You can choose to play fetch, throwing the ball, running and wrestling to get him to introduce with the muzzle. Make sure the muzzle is fully visible when you doing your dog’s favorite activity with him. Then, reward the dog for playing and jumping by giving bone, snack, and slice of meat as a treat. You can hide the muzzle behind your back or can hold it when throwing the ball.  Dogs needs praise and love so you should appreciate their act and introduce them with a muzzle at that time.

2. Let the dog come closer to the muzzle at their own choice

The next step to follow is that you can hold it in your hand or can put it on a table. See how your dog reacts, you can start with showing them the muzzle during playtime and reassure them it isn’t a threat or dangerous equipment for him.  If your dog will be hesitating, let him get as close to the muzzle as he likes.

3. Convert muzzle into the treat distributer to get dog closer to it

It is one of the best ways to introduce your dog to the muzzle. Hold the muzzle in your hands tightly with the open edges. Get stuck dog’s food or any treat in the bottom most of the muzzle. You can prefer cooked chicken, cheese cubs, sliced hot dogs as a treat or anything else your dogs like to eat. During the activity, don’t do any sudden movement and don’t try to push the muzzle onto the dog’s mouth and nose yet.

4. Add slight food onto the muzzle to make the dog comfortable

If your dog is hesitating or does not feel comfortable about being near a muzzle, add further treats like cream cheese or peanut butter inside the muzzle. Let them leave to lick the entire treat.

5. Lock the belt while your dog is licking or eating inside the muzzle

Don’t do rush while your dog is eating, move slowly with your free hand. Hold it and put it back down.  Make sure the dog won’t feel any kind of pain.

Check the demo video here: