How To Wash And Clean Dog Car Seat Covers Properly

Any pet owner who would want to ensure the safety of the canine companion should consider buying a car seat because it will safeguard the inside of your vehicle’s interior from damage. If, on the other hand, you have decided against buying a dog car seat, you should consider purchasing seat covers for your vehicle. If you have a dog, the interior of your car can become very dirty very quickly.

¬†However, not only can puppy car seat covers end up making your pet’s car seat look much more stylish, but they can also make it much more pleasant for your pet to ride in the vehicle. Keeping these seat covers clean is also important, so here are some things to keep in mind when it cleaning the car seat covers.

Dog car seat cover is an excellent way to keep animal hair and debris off your car seats, but you should remember to wash them regularly to keep your car seats clean and smelling fresh all of the time. The majority of car seat covers can be washed in the washing machine. To be certain, look at the label.

The following tools and materials will be required:

  • Vacuum, preferably with an attachment for carpeting on a handheld basis
  • Machine, rug shampooer, or a washing powder
  • A cloth
  • Brush and a Baking soda

Step 1: Seat Covers should be dry vacuumed

Dog fur can be particularly clingy to clothing and on car seat covers, which makes it difficult to remove. The most effective method of removing fur from covers is to extensively vacuum the covers even before laundering them. The most effective method of removing fur fibers from a material is, by using a handheld carpet attachment.

Step 2: Wash your car seat covers

When it comes to cleaning the car seat covers, you can make use of a washer, a rug shampooer or detergent, and a cloth. In the case of washing powder and a cloth, easily wet the entire area of the seat covers, dispense a tiny amount of detergent onto the cloth, and scrub the covers until they are thoroughly cleaned.

Step 3: Remove Stains with a Scrubber

If your cleaning method did not completely remove all of the stains, then you can brush them out manually. Soak the stains and afterward sprinkle them liberally with baking soda, working the baking soda into the stains with a scrub brush. Let it stay overnight before vacuuming the soda out with a dry vacuum.

How to wash the car seat cover of your dog to eliminate odor?

Toss the car seat cover in the washer after removing it from the seat. If necessary, you can rinse it with regular washing powder, but please remember that this may not be reliable when you want to eliminate the odor. This is the reason that so many people want to add approximately 1/4 cup of vinegar to their regular laundry detergent instead of the recommended amount.

It will either eliminate or significantly reduce the foul odor. You should also remember that you can use a normal liquid fabric softener in the washer if you prefer. This will also give the car seat covers the super-duper scent that you desire, which will make them more comfortable to use.

How to wash car seat covers manually?

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of washing the dog car seat cover in the washing machine. This is the case, washing them manually might be a great idea in this case. All that is required is that you fill up the washroom or washbasin with hot water, add a few drops of washing powder, and a few drops of vinegar.

Allow for 20 minutes of soaking time for the car seat covers. Keep in mind to brush the seat cover together just to help remove any debris that may have become embedded in the cover during the cleaning process! Allow drying after rinsing.

Dry your seat cover in sunlight

Some people are also hesitant to put the car seat covers in the washing dryer because they are afraid they will shrink. You may be told not to. Due to the possibility that the covers will shrink and become unfit when you try and put it back on the puppy car seat, we recommend that you refrain from doing so.

Enable the dog seat cover to dry out in the sun, or hang them in a hall on a hanger to allow them to drip dry as they are being used. Alternatively, if the covers appear wrinkly after drying, place them in the drying chamber on tumble for approximately 10 min to liven up the fabric. Because the cover has already dried, there will be no shrinkage, and they’ll still accommodate your dog car seat.

FAQs about cleaning dog seat covers

1. How frequently can I wash my dog seat covers?

Car seat covers should be washed once in 1-2 months.

2. What is the best way to dry dog seats covers after they have been washed?

To remove even more moisture levels of the car seats, spread 2 layers of toilet paper sheets across the seats & press down gently with your fingers. Let the towel sit on top of the seats for approximately 6 to 8 hours before cleaning them. As the seats dry, the moisture will rise through the paper towels and into the air.

3. What is the best way to sanitize a dog car seat?

The sixth step is to clean and disinfect the plastic base. The base of your car seat should be cleaned with a damp wet cloth, hot water, or mild soap if the seat has a plastic base. Once you have rinsed the seat, turn it around a few times to avoid water and mold from accumulating. To gently sanitize the plastic base, use an anti-bacterial wipe to wipe it down.