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Data collection and storage

As viewers, it’s our responsibility to make aware of your security and privacy on this website. Here are some of the ways we use that stores your data.

  • Directed Information:- Our websites only direct information that you allow to. After you allow permission to our website and login to the website, it automatically redirects non-personal information by the web server like web address, browser type, operating device, extensions used, or language preference. Our website identifies you with the use of unique identifiers that do not disclose your real identity. Everything is done with your prior consent and concern.
  • Information you search for:- Our web server automates all the products you search and register for. We only use personally identifiable information to create your required account, wishlist, and shopping bags, register you for the discounts and update you about our loyalty plans. WE also take the help of non- personally identifiable information to customize your feed, according to your searches, and to maintain effectiveness in our website. Also, this helps to secure and to integrate your privacy by directing you to relevant sites.
  • Information you provide:- We do not intend to keep your personal information with us. But with the coded algorithm of our website, the information that you provide is being stored. For example when you register for a discount or create a shopping account by mentioning your Email, Full name, or phone number the information gets stored. This also happens when you provide regular suggestions and feedback to our posts and products. But we do not intend to make any misuse of the information that we hold.
  • Legal terminology:- You can trust us, as we do not share your personal information with any other third party. It remains all confidential within “ allmypetwantscom”. Unless and until we have to do it for some legal issues. We may disclose your personal information if we are asked by the legal expertise like accounting, tax reporting, to our regular share partners or investors. We acquire a policy where our supply and service must agree to protect your privacy and only use it for connected or asked service.
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For the residents of EEA( European Economic Area)

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